True wellness sets the tone for absolutely everything you do, and the right gym can help ensure your fitness is a priority. What aspects of a gym, though, make it the ideal space to help you prioritize wellness? Do average gym prices even begin to play a role when you’re looking for a first-class facility that will help you meet your goals? Across Palm Beach, gym prices vary considerably, and often the average price isn’t going to help you reach your goals. 

What Are Average Gym Prices?

Across Palm Beach, gym prices vary considerably, but the average gym price is likely to be between $50 and $60 per month. For that price, however, the range of services and equipment is quite large. If you’re looking to save money, you can usually do so with a lower-end gym and pay somewhere around just $25 per month. 

Unfortunately, that financial savings come at a price in terms of access to both equipment and services. Low-end gyms tend to provide primarily cardio-based equipment and some simple weight-lifting equipment. They rarely provide things like classes or trainers, though. 

Mid-range gyms cost a bit more but offer additional equipment and typically offer group classes at a price. Gyms that exceed the average price per month offer far more, though. In these settings, you’ll find better equipment as well as professionals who can help you meet your goals. 

Should You Even Join a Gym?

You may wonder a bit about whether a gym will actually help with your wellness journey. After all, the statistics can be fairly disheartening. One study found that while many look to a gym as the simple solution to wellness, nearly 67% of gym memberships actually go unused. There are alternatives to hitting the gym, too, like building your own home gym or simply focusing on body weight exercises. 

The reality, though, is that if you’re interested in working out on a regular basis and making the right workout routine part of your wellness journey, a gym has to be part of that equation. Fitness technology and knowledge has expanded rapidly over the past few years. 

That makes a gym membership more valuable than ever, particularly one to a facility that offers you access to some of the best equipment available today and connects you with professionals who understand what’s necessary to help you reach your goals. 

What’s more, though, is that each time you visit the gym, you’re likely to meet others who have similar goals and can help motivate you toward yours. As you do so, it won’t become about average gym prices. Instead, it will become something so much bigger. 

How to Get the Most Out Of Your Gym Membership

If you’re ready to find the right facility to meet your needs, there are several ways to make the most of your membership. 

  • Know what you value most in a facility. There are many different factors that play a significant part in the quality of your gym, and understanding what that looks like for you is key before you select a gym. 
  • Understand your own fitness goals. What do you hope to accomplish with your workouts? Are you looking for strength, weight loss, or simply a healthier lifestyle? Choosing a facility that offers classes, trainers, and connections that will help you achieve your fitness goals helps ensure you’ll stick with your new commitment. 
  • Take advantage of what your gym has to offer. Utilize every single piece of equipment and service that is available to you. If that means enrolling in group classes, individual training sessions, nutrition education, or learning to use new equipment, do it. You’ll have a chance to truly understand yourself as a gym member, and it will make your experience every time you work out completely worth it. 
  • Create a schedule. Make certain your workout is a priority for you. Many people go about their day and spend a bit of leftover time in the gym. Instead, block out part of your day that means you only work out. Set an alarm on your calendar or ensure you have enough time in your day to make it happen. After all, when you take working out seriously, you’re more likely to make a long-term commitment to your wellness. 

The Ave Luxe Difference

We offer so much more than a luxury gym setting. Instead, we’re a members-only facility that offers access to the best personal trainers in Palm Beach. You’ll never have to worry about overlapping workouts or cardio machines you can’t access. 

Instead, you’ll find fellow members working to reach similar goals and highly qualified trainers who are ready to help you exceed your own personal expectations. If you’re searching for a facility that is far from average, the Ave Luxe experience is one you’ll truly appreciate. To learn more about what we have to offer your new wellness routine, contact us today or book an appointment today.

Zechariah Cesani


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